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  • Are you looking for a strategy to get leads and grow your business?
  • Use Do you want to sign up brand new team members or clients within days?
  • Do you want to run your very own Facebook Challenge without a challenge?

The problem is that ...

Running a Facebook challenge is one of the most successful ways to build your audience and launch an offer. However, creating a successful Facebook challenge from scratch can be a daunting task!

Many people may want to run a challenge on Facebook, but they may not have the experience or knowledge to create engaging templates, write effective email scripts, or design eye-catching graphics.

This has been over complicated

Many coaches and course creators have overcomplicated the process of running Facebook challenges. Some solutions out there do not provide comprehensive guidance

Others don't provide the necessary materials to achieve professional results.

Some courses are just too complex or require extensive knowledge of Facebook marketing, making it difficult for beginners to get started.

You can run your Facebook challenge next week!

The Complete Toolkit for a Facebook Challenge stands out from these false solutions by providing everything you need to run a successful challenge on Facebook, regardless of your level of experience. With our toolkit, you can create engaging and effective challenges that resonate with your audience and help you achieve your goals.

What do you actually get in the Toolkit?

  • How to Run Challenges
  • Actionable Challenge Content Framework
  • What Challenge to Run eGuide
  • Challenge Engagement Activities
  • How to Promote Your Challenge
  • Step-By-Step How to Transition to Close
  • Challenge Template Pack (146 editable Canva templates)


  • Fabulous Challenge Examples
  • Step-By-Step How to Create Your Pop-Up Group
  • Simple Challenge Email Swipe Copy
  • Facebook Group

This Complete Toolkit for a Facebook Challenge was created to give you the opportunity to use this brilliant and innovative strategy to achieve different goals for your business using Facebook challenges.

The total value of this offer plus all the bonuses usually costs $691. Today you can get it for only $37

Upon purchase, you will receive...

Videos, pdfs, scripts total watch time of Y

The complete set of training and resources

Valued at $297

Access to a private membership site

Valued at $297

Challenge Template Pack

146 fully editable Canva templates designed to make your next challenge stand out

Valued at $97

The Complete Toolkit for a Facebook Challenge is designed to get you:

  • More sales
  • Create a pool of leads
  • Start building your own email list of subscribers
  • Become the leader and authority your prospects want to follow
  • Create your own community of raving fans
  • Gain more insight into your audience in 5 days than you could learn in a year so you can tailor your offers appropriately to them

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never run a Facebook Challenge, can I use this Toolkit?

Of course, you can! It contains all the tools you need to run your first Facebook Challenge.

How soon can I run my Challenge?

You can start planning today, if you buy the Toolkit

I am not techy.

You don’t have to be techy. This Toolkit holds your hand throughout the journey.

Do I need to set up an email autoresponder in order to use this Toolkit?

No. you can completely run a Challenge without the emailing stuff.

I am not a top income earner nor expert, can I run a challenge?

Yes. If you know a little bit more than your audience on a particular subject, then YOU are capable of running a Facebook Challenge!

I don’t own a Facebook group

The Toolkit will show you step-by-step how to create and manage your own Facebook group.

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